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Updated:  Friday January 13, 2017

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IMyFly Mothballed
I'm sorry to say that for the immediate future IMyFly has been mothballed.  

IMyFly was an attempt to create a flying focused social site that was free of the classism and acrimony that seems to affect many other flying sites.  In that we succeeded.  Where we failed was attracting and retaining enough active users to keep a vibrant and active community that had enough to keep the members and the public engaged.

The internet has changed.  Traditional forum sites like IMyFly have waned in general.  Comment spam and ongoing network attacks have raised the bar, effort and expense needed to maintain such a site.  The growth of social networking sites like Facebook and communities on those have replaced many of these small sites and changed the dynamic of how many interact on the web.  IMyFly isn't the only small forum site to suffer from this shift - 1000s of small community sites have folded in recent years and the net growth of forum software used for such sites has been substantially in the negative.

The activity on the site over the past year has been minimal - not even 10 posts.  IMyFly had limped on as it was piggybacking on other hosting and not having any direct cost.  However, our move to a new house has ended the business class service we used to host the site and I can't justify the cost delta for business class service at the new home.  It's also work and money to move the site back to hosting - an expense I can't justify at this time.  At some point in the future I might have time to relaunch the site on a an updated platform, but for now, best wishes, it was a nice run.

If you want to comment or say goodbye feel free to post on our Facebook page at .

Carry on and Fly safe,

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